Associate Editor

Jennifer Gantzer


Dr. Gantzer is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a post-doctorate specialty in clinical nutrition. She is a board-certified Diplomate of Nutrition, Fellow of the American Nutrition Association, earned a Master of Nutrition, and is pursuing a PhD in nutrition. Additionally, she is the Exam Committee Chair for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition as well as the Director of Student Affairs and Mentorship Program for the ACA's Council on Nutrition.

She is an instructor at her alma mater chiropractic National University of Health Sciences where she teaches several science classes including a clinical and functional approach to nutritional biochemistry, gastrointestinal genitourinary, diagnostic labs, and evidence-based science for medical literature. She peer-reviews and authors for an international medical journal and is also an editorial board member for several other medical journals, as well as an international speaker.